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  • Three Filmmakers Fighting for Animals
  • Josie Du Toit
  • Lina Lind Christensen
  • Karyn Boswell
  • 5 Lawyers
  • Marianne Thieme
    Marianne Thieme
  • Patty Mark
    Patty Mark
  • Katherine Meyer (photo by Eric Glitzenstein)
    Katherine Meyer
  • Dr. Sarungbam Yaiphabi Devi with one of the Animal India Trust mobile vet clinic vehicles.
    Sarungbam Yaiphabi Devi
  • Raabia Hawa
    Raabia Hawa
  • Lumka Golintete with dogs rescued by CLAW
    Lumka Golintete
  • Avalon Theisen
    Avalon Theisen
  • Melissa Amarello with Cash
    Melissa Amarello
  • Elisa Aaltola
  • Carolyn Merino
    Carolyn Merino Mullin
  • Aysha Akhtar
    Aysha Akhtar
  • Piia Anttonen
    Piia Anttonen
  • Ledaiki Ann Nailantei
    Ledaiki Ann Nailateni

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