Do you know of a woman who you think should be featured in the Unbound Project?


Thank you for considering a nomination to the Unbound Project. We are continually grateful for the work being done by animal advocates around the world. For the most recent news and updates from We Animals Media, please sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Do you know of a woman who you think should be featured in the Unbound Project?

Nomination Criteria

  • Can be from any time period, age, or country
  • Can be working in any number of areas (i.e. grassroots organizers, scientists, journalists, artists, fundraisers, lawyers, students)
  • Is doing important work for animals
  • Inspires others to try to make a difference
  • We especially welcome nominations highlighting the work of women of the global majority (black, indigenous, and people of colour), as well as LGBTQ2+ women, and women living with disabilities.

Additionally, at this time we are particularly interested in finding women with stories that:

  • Aren’t well known (either inside or outside the animal advocacy movement)
  • Showcase the innovative ways people are lending their skills and talents to the movement
  • Identify specialty careers not typically considered associated with animal advocacy (such as economists, government officials, food chemists, etc)
  • Take place outside of Canada, the USA, and the UK

Please note: Due to the volume of submissions received, we are not able to feature all nominees in the Unbound Project. 

*** WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING NOMINATIONS AT THIS TIME. Thank you very much for your interest.