Grantwriter Hannah Murray enjoys a little cuddle time with rescue cat Tomasito in her home office. Photo by Victoria de Martigny / #unboundproject / We Animals Media

The Unbound Project is a
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initiative that celebrates contemporary and historic women
at the forefront of animal advocacy worldwide.

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Dr. A. Breeze Harper

Dr. A. Breeze Harper

Over the course of almost twenty years, Dr. Breeze Harper (Founder of Sistah Vegan Project) has engaged with various advocates and scholars on the intersections of race and animal issues.

Hannah Murray

Hannah Murray

Hannah Murray is a grant specialist whose worn many hats throughout her career, always making sure her work is helping nonhuman animals, the environment, or underrepresented peoples.


Elsie Herring

As we sat on her front porch for our interview, the sprinklers kicked on and Elsie had to hold a paper towel over her mouth so she could continue to speak.

Elsie Herring, the great-granddaughter of a freed slave, became an environmental activist after a hog CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) replaced the small family farm next door to her family’s property.

Filming by Kelly Guerin / Editing by Nardine Groch.