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  • Jah Ying Chung, a food researcher in China, stands in a packaged food aisle of a store that is also a wet market. Jah Ying is the co-founder of The Good Growth Co., which researches Chinese consumers' attitudes toward food and works in the plant-based/alternative protein and animal welfare spaces. Hong Kong, China, 2022. #unboundproject / We Animals Media
    Jah Ying Chung
  • Eva Meijer poses with her companion Doris, a dog rescued from Romania who now lives with her. North Holland, Netherlands. 2022. Sabina Diethelm / #unboundproject / We Animals Media
    Eva Meijer
  • Azul Cardozo
  • Sarah Heiligtag, Founder of Transfarmation
  • Dr Breeze Harper, Founder of Sistah Vegan Project
    Dr. A. Breeze Harper
  • Grantwriter Hannah Murray enjoys a little cuddle time with rescue cat Tomasito in her home office. Photo by Victoria de Martigny / #unboundproject / We Animals Media
    Hannah Murray
  • Carolina Galvani
  • Animal Rights Activist Malena Blanco - Photograph by Martina Zamudio
    Malena Blanco
  • Brenda Sanders
  • Sunaura Taylor
  • Helena Hesayne
  • Miyoko Schinner
  • Erin Wing, Deputy Director of Investigations at the animal advocacy NGO Animal Outlook, spends time with Ginger at Wildwood Farm Sanctuary & Preserve.
    Erin Wing
  • Chihiro Okada
  • Yumin is a long-time animal advocate who works with EAST (Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan). Taiwan, 2019. Jo-Anne McArthur / #unboundproject / We Animals Media
    Yumin Chen
  • Daniela Romero Waldhorn
  • Gwenna Hunter
    Gwenna Hunter
  • Dr. Carole Noon
  • Anita Krajnc looks through the fence to animals being unloaded at the slaughterhouse. Canada, 2015.
    Anita Krajnc
  • Carol J. Adams
  • Invisible
  • Africa Network For Animal Welfare
  • Hilda Kean
  • Ondine Sherman
  • Gail Eisnitz
  • Dr. Charu Chandrasekera - Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods.
    Dr. Charu Chandrasekera
  • Rebecca Knowles, Vegan Outreach Scotland
    Rebecca Knowles
  • Liz Dee
  • Activist Elsie Herring, stands on the porch of her family home, holding a handkerchief over her mouth to filter out manure being sprayed on the field next door.
    Elsie Herring
  • Wendy Valentine
    Wendy Valentine
  • Shih Chao-hwei
    Shih Chao-hwei
  • Leah Garcés - Mercy For Animals
    Leah Garcés
  • Dr. Capaldo and her rescued Shiba, Kibou
    Theodora Capaldo
  • Eight women of colour changing the world for animals
    Eight Women of Colour Changing the World for Animals
  • Tracy Hilda Dukim - BAWSS
    Tracy Hilda Dukim
  • Twyla Francois
    Twyla Francois
  • Rubaiya Ahmad. Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur.
    Rubaiya Ahmad
  • Ten Plant-Based Female Athletes Changing The World For Animals
    Ten Plant-Based Female Athletes Changing The World For Animals
  • Zoe Weil
  • Dawn Moncrief
  • Seba Johnson
  • Seble Nebiyeloul
  • Young Women Changing the World for Animals
  • Steph Yu
  • Susie Coston
  • Sneha Shrestha
  • Cora Bailey
  • Seven Women Protecting Oceans and Sea Life
  • Kari Bagnall
  • Anne Quain
  • Dr. Aline de Aluja
  • Dulce Ramírez
  • Erin Ireland
  • Sandra Higgins
  • Eight Women Changing The World For Animals Through Food
  • Pei-Feng Su
  • Lynn Simpson
  • The Women of C.A.R.E.
  • Mothers Against Dairy
    Mothers Against Dairy
  • Sharon Núñez
  • Candace Laughinghouse
  • Avalon Llewellyn
  • The Black Mambas
  • Katrīna Krīgere
  • The Women of Animals Australia
  • The 2017 Unbound Project Grant Recipients
  • Gill Dalley
  • Hazel Zhang
  • Lek Chailert
  • Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka
  • Joyce Tischler
  • Dobrosława Gogłoza
  • Juliana Castañeda
  • Smaragda Louw
  • Jean Gilchrist
  • Three Filmmakers Fighting for Animals
  • Josie Humble
  • Lina Lind Christensen
  • Karyn Boswell
  • 5 Lawyers
  • Marianne Thieme
  • Patty Mark
  • Katherine Meyer (photo by Eric Glitzenstein)
    Katherine Meyer
  • Sarungbam Yaiphabi Devi
  • Raabia Hawa
  • Lumka Golintete
  • Avalon Theisen
  • Melissa Amarello
  • Elisa Aaltola
  • Carolyn Merino Mullin
  • Aysha Akhtar
  • Piia Anttonen
  • Ledaiki Ann Nailateni