Contributor Essays

As this project grows and develops we will be sharing a number of guest essays written by writers we admire. The essays featured in this section have been commissioned especially for the Unbound Project.

Animals, Feminism, and Antiblackness By Dr. Claire Jean Kim

Women are the footsoldiers of the animal movement.  And its philosophers and strategists as well.  Some of the most generative theorizing in the emergent intellectual-political field of animal studies has been produced by (eco)feminist scholars committed to exploring how the subjugation of women is related to that of animals—for example, through dominative ideologies authorizing the…

Susie Coston, National Shelter Director at Farm Sanctuary

Women, Animals, & the Future of Work ​By Dr. Kendra Coulter

Women’s work with animals reveals so much about lives and deaths, about money and power, and about the entanglements of pain, anger, care, happiness, and hope. We should see the diverse threads, but also imagine this collection of work as a tapestry, one with vibrant patterns, along with rips, holes, and patches sewn carefully or…

Jasmin Singer and Rose. Photo credit: Jessica Mahady.

What My Rescue Dog Taught Me About Love, Motherhood, and Serenity By Jasmin Singer

If I had a dirty diaper for every time I was told that motherhood defines being a woman, and defines love, I’d be living in a shit storm. (Thankfully, I haven’t been counting the mentions.) Call me radical, but I am a woman who chose not to have children, yet I am indeed full of…

Caregivers at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary tend to a turkey. Photo by Lisa Kemmerer.

Sexism is Speciesism By Lisa Kemmerer, Montana State University, Billings

One only need glance around at any protest, meeting, or conference to note that there is a preponderance of women shaping and driving animal advocacy.  Frankly, in any social justice cause it is most often women who volunteer to create and distribute fliers, prepare posters and food for meetings and events, make necessary phone calls,…

Family photo Marc Bekoff

Why Women? My Mother’s Legacy of Empathy, Compassion, and Love By Marc Bekoff, University of Colorado

I’m flattered and honored to contribute to Unbound. When I first heard about this collection I was thrilled to learn about it. It struck me that it was about time someone collected a series of essays about the incredible role that numerous women have played, and are continuing to play, in animal advocacy and activism,…

carol adams washington march

Visibility, History, and Tennis Shoes By Carol J. Adams

The spectral figure of the little old lady in tennis shoes returns periodically to haunt animal rights activism and theory. It was Cleveland Amory, founder of the Fund for Animals (later folded into the Humane Society of the United States), who was known for saying “we aren’t little old ladies in tennis shoes” anymore. After…

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