Malena Blanco

Malena Blanco

“In the slaughterhouse there is not only death. There is the birth of this human. So I start to reframe if in reality we should propose ourselves to go back to our animal self. It seems to me that that’s the place of that better world. Be more animals and less humans.”

Malena Blanco is part of VOICOT, an anti-speciesist movement in Argentina that fights for animal liberation. VOICOT began around 2014, first by selling shirts with anti-speciesist art and messages, and in time began to create posters used to cover advertisements that promoted animal industries and products. Now VOICOT also investigates these industries, documenting the ways farmed animals are kept and killed to show people what is kept hidden from view.

“It’s a super painful process,” Malena explains, “because you start with an investigation in a cow slaughterhouse, then in a chicken slaughterhouse, with the egg industry, with the milk industry and everything is a little worse than before.”

Malena’s own journey with animal liberation also began with images like the ones featured in this video. After seeing an animal killed on TV, she asked her mother, who had just placed a piece of meat in front of her, if that meat had also come from a killed animal. In that moment, she realized she didn’t want to eat animals because of her love for them. Now at VOICOT she works so that others may one day arrive at a similar realization.

Video by Angel Giovanni Hoyos